The flexibility is everything, it’s the perfect job.

Lyft driver Awet T. shares that she loves driving because it is a great opportunity to network and earn money to cover bills, while working towards furthering her education and building her business. Being able to drive wherever and, whenever – is what makes driving the right fit for Awet.

The flexibility is what allows her to continue working while being there for her family.

Jovanna drives for Uber while being the primary caregiver to her children. Being able to work between school drop off and pickups provides extra income on a schedule that works for her.

In the 9 years I’ve been driving, my boss has never said you can’t go to that.

Driving for a rideshare platform allows driver Alfred to earn extra income without missing out on important family memories.

It allows me to be there for my family, it allows me to be free

Carre has been driving with Uber for five years as a way to supplement his income. It allows him to meet new people and earn extra money at any time, without sacrificing the ability to be there for his family when he’s needed.