83% of app-based drivers support

keeping independent contractor status while requiring companies to provide new benefits.

The future of app-based drivers is on the line right now in Massachusetts, but there is a solution that voters can approve in November 2022. The proposed ballot question:

Secures the flexibility

that app-based rideshare and delivery drivers overwhelmingly support. The ballot question will ensure that rideshare and delivery drivers can continue to work whenever they want, wherever they want, as long as they want, and on as many platforms as they want.

Provides historic new company-paid benefits

including healthcare stipends, paid sick time and family & medical leave, and accident insurance to cover medical costs and provide disability payments to drivers who are hurt while completing requests.

Guarantees that drivers never earn less than $18 per hour

(120% of the state minimum wage) while on accepted rides or deliveries, with no hourly maximum on what they can make, plus an additional $0.26 per mile for expenses while completing requests. If a driver earns less in an earning period, the company will pay the difference. Drivers will still keep 100% of their tips.

Better protects

app-based rideshare and delivery drivers against discrimination and provides an opportunity to appeal account deactivation.

Special interests are running a misinformation campaign to force drivers into becoming employees which could lead to set schedules, managers scheduling when and where they drive, and telling drivers which apps to use.  This is exactly what drivers don’t want.