Rideshare drivers gather in Boston: what they said about a renewed push for 2024 ballot measure

Alvin Buyinza, Mass Live

Ahead of the 2024 election, Massachusetts app-based drivers are ramping up their efforts again to place a ballot question that would classify them as independent contractors with expanded benefits, instead of full-time employees.

“I understand better than most what it means to be independent,” said Charles Clemons Muhammad, a Lyft driver, Wednesday morning during a rally in the middle of Boston Common. Muhammad has worked as an independent driver for more than 25 years and even founded his own company, “First Choice Limousine” in the early ‘90s. The veteran driver said he enjoys the flexibility of choosing his own hours as opposed to a standard company job.

“I stand behind a ballot measure that will secure independence and provide new benefits for drivers like me, and drivers like my colleagues,” Muhammad said. “I’m firmly against bills backed by labor unions that would force me into full-time employment without flexibility, and with a bunch of new restrictions.”