Rideshare drivers again battle over their positions, push for ballot question

Matthew Medsger, Boston Herald

For the second election cycle in a row some Massachusetts rideshare drivers are working to have the voters decide whether they can be legally classified as independent contractors or employees.

Before Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell sit no less than nine versions of an initiative petition submitted by the group Flexibility and Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers, all of which advocates say aim to keep drivers independent and any one of which should meet the state’s legal requirements to be placed before voters on their 2024 ballots.

“There are thousands of us, ten thousands of us, who just want to be able to keep our flexibility and independence while getting benefits that fit the way we work,” rideshare driver Charles Clemons Muhammad said. “We all know that, no matter what our opponents say, there is no way to get that kind of flexibility while being an employee. We know because we’ve been employees — many of us still are at other jobs. This ballot question will protect our flexibility.”