ICYMI: California Drivers Urge Massachusetts to Pass Ballot Question

One year after Prop 22 went into effect, drivers recommend similar solution in other states

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BOSTON, MA – January 18, 2022 – Three drivers from California joined the Flexibility & Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers committee last week for a virtual press conference to share their experiences of Prop 22, one year after the law went into effect. 

The group briefly discussed results from polling of California drivers in September 2021, which found that 88 percent of California drivers believed Prop 22 “had been good for them,” and 84 percent urged other states to pass similar solutions. 

The discussion then turned to the personal experience of the California drivers. 

“Before Prop 22, my hourly wage really fluctuated, like literally one day I could be making 30 dollars an hour, next day I can make like 10 dollars an hour,” said Kee Broussard, who drives with DoorDash in the Inland Empire region. “Now, with Prop 22, I’m guaranteed 21 dollars an hour plus tips and like I said with the flexibility, it’s priceless, and I just wish all the states would adopt this.” 

“This is a bigger issue nationwide than people realize,” said Lydia Olson, who drives with Uber in the Bay Area and Sacramento. “This fight is critical for hundreds, millions of independent contractors across the country.” 

Flexibility remained a huge factor for the drivers, one year after Prop 22’s passage. 

“That’s the biggest thing that I really gained as a gig worker and that’s what Prop 22 protects for me, is my ability to schedule my life,” said Jack Kinney, who drives with Lyft in Los Angeles. 

“Our definition of flexibility is completely different than those who think we should be forced into an employee model,” Olson said. “We don’t want schedules, we don’t want to fight for shifts, we don’t want to be capped on how we work, or where we work, or when we work.” 

The discussion concluded with the California drivers sharing some advice for their counterparts in Massachusetts and excitement about the possibilities to come. 

“Continue fighting,” Broussard said. “It’s going to be for the best for you and your family. For me, the guaranteed minimum wage is awesome.” 

“I haven’t seen any downside to Prop 22 whatsoever. I know there’s a lot of potential fear or uncertainty, you’re not sure what this is going to look like, so I can tell you for the drivers this is a great thing,” Olson said.

The Flexibility & Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers committee is working to ensure app-based rideshare and delivery drivers can continue to work whenever they want, wherever they want, as long as they want, and on as many platforms as they want, all while offering historic new company-paid benefits. Learn more at www.yesformassdrivers.org