GBH News: Organized labor regroups in the battle against gig-economy giants

“The opposition changed their name because they do not have drivers on their side, nor have they ever been interested in listening to what the vast majority of drivers want,” Conor Yunits, spokesperson for the tech-backed Flexibility & Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers Committee, told GBH News.

recent survey of app-based delivery and ride-hailing drivers — sponsored by the industry-supported committee and conducted by Beacon Research — found 81% of drivers support the ballot question exempting them from the full extent of the state’s legal labor benefits for employees, while granting limited new benefits under continued independent contractor status.

There was even greater support for the ballot measure from women of color at 86%, all drivers of color at 83% and drivers with school-aged children at 87%. The survey found that 71% of drivers generally prefer to keep their independent contractor status over an employee model.

“The opposition is trying to suggest that drivers and voters don’t understand the issue. We are confident that voters will see through that condescension and stand with drivers to protect the flexibility and benefits they overwhelmingly want,” Yunits said.

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