Flexibility & Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers Committee Launches Spanish-Language Website, Continues Outreach to Non-English Speaking Voters

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BOSTON, MA – January 31, 2022 – Flexibility & Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers, the committee supporting rideshare and delivery drivers as they pursue a ballot question that will protect their independence while adding new benefits, has expanded its Spanish-language voter outreach. This week, the committee launched a Spanish-language website to reach Spanish-speaking voters across the Commonwealth. Site visitors can access the translated website via, yesformassdrivers.org/es, or by scrolling to the bottom of any browser window throughout the website and clicking Español

The new website builds on the campaign’s widespread effort to reach drivers and the voters who support them. Earlier this year, campaign organizers began hosting town hall style events in Spanish with drivers statewide to ensure they are aware of the committee’s goals and what’s at stake for the app-based rideshare community in Massachusetts. 

“So often people are asked to vote on things that nobody takes the time to explain,” said Guillermo Arcos, who drives with Uber in Woburn, MA. “It’s so helpful to have this information easily available, in Spanish, so that non-English speaking voters can understand what they are voting on. No other campaigns are doing this.” 

As the most common non-English language spoken in the Commonwealth, the committee is working to ensure that Spanish-speaking voters, passengers and drivers are able to learn more about the ballot question and get involved alongside supporters statewide. 

“I know that driving with Uber or Lyft or any of the app-based companies has been extremely helpful for many families and Latino families in particular,” said Yimi Alvarez, who drives with Uber and Lyft in Lynn, MA. “When I talk to people who bring up flexibility, I can now share the website in Spanish and people can better understand what this initiative is about and how they can be part of the solution.”

The Flexibility & Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers committee is also releasing fact sheets in Arabic and Chinese

Massachusetts drivers in this work come from various backgrounds, but they overwhelmingly agree that flexibility in scheduling when they want to work and for how long they work are the main reasons to drive with a rideshare or delivery platform. By a margin of 7:1, drivers support the proposed ballot question, which would secure the overwhelmingly popular flexibility that app-based rideshare and delivery drivers currently enjoy, while also providing them with historic new benefits, including protections against discrimination.  

Learn more about the committee and join its efforts for secured driver flexibility and increased benefits and protections this November.