Welcome to the first edition of the Flexibility & Benefits for Massachusetts Drivers’ (FAB) monthly newsletter! FAB is a ballot question committee dedicated to supporting the flexibility and independence of app-based rideshare and delivery drivers in the Commonwealth. 

We’d like to give a special shout-out to a few of our endorsers including the Worcester Chamber, One SouthCoast Chamber, and the United Regional Chamber for their ongoing support — thank you!

Did you know? Drivers made 60.6 million trips all across Massachusetts in 2022 — bringing students to school, customers to local businesses, and seniors to medical appointments, and more.

It’s February already. Time to shake off the holidays and kick it into drive. 

  1. Meet the Drivers 🗣️

Debra J. of Plymouth, MA. Debra, whose family originally came to the United States from Cape Verde, has been an app-based driver since 2013. She has two married daughters with a combined five grandchildren and a sixth on the way! The ability to control her own schedule is what initially drew Debra into the industry. Driving for the apps has allowed Debra to not only make ends meet while on a fixed income, but to have enough time and money to engage in her favorite pastime – spoiling her grandchildren. More traditional jobs, with fixed scheduling, wouldn’t allow Debra the type of flexibility and freedom needed to have the same lifestyle she has grown accustomed to while driving with rideshare.

Debra urges the public to listen to what drivers want, stand with them and help them keep their flexibility and freedom as independent contractors!

  1. 👀What’s the Latest? 

10 months until Election Day!

Our ballot question has been certified by Secretary Galvin and delivered to the Legislature! The next step will be a legislative hearing in early Spring.

Today’s must-read story

MCAS, legislative audit ballot questions advance toward November ballot (The Boston Herald)

For years I have been working to pass these measures because drivers like me want control over our own lives and schedules. Now we can get back out there and talk to voters, and I know they will stand with us and support our independence,” Worcester-area rideshare driver Luis Ramos said in a statement provided by the group backing the classification questions.

  1. You’ve got questions 📬 

What is this ballot question?

This ballot measure is a historic, groundbreaking approach for Massachusetts that will establish a guaranteed minimum level of compensation, ensuring that drivers never make less than 120% of minimum wage while completing rides or deliveries, and new benefits and protections for app-based drivers, while securing their flexibility to work where, when, and for how long they want.

What will the ballot question do for app-based drivers?

The ballot question:

  • Secures the overwhelmingly popular flexibility that app-based rideshare and delivery drivers currently enjoy. The ballot question will ensure that rideshare and delivery drivers can continue to work whenever they want, wherever they want, as long as they want, with as many platforms as they want. 
  • Guarantees app-based rideshare and delivery drivers an earnings floor of 120% of the state minimum wage (i.e., $18 per hour for 2024) while completing rides or deliveries, not including tips. This is the floor – drivers can always earn more. Drivers will also be guaranteed at least $0.28 per mile toward vehicle costs – this is money in their pockets in addition to what they can deduct from their taxes. 
  • Provides historic new benefits, including healthcare stipends, paid sick time, and occupational accident insurance. 
  • Protects app-based rideshare and delivery drivers against discrimination and provides an opportunity to appeal account deactivation – protections that largely do not currently formally exist for independent contractors in Massachusetts law. 
  1. Come on in, the water’s fine 🤝

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