App-based drivers and supporters are coming together to demand that they can continue to drive when, where, and how they want. Today, that freedom and self-empowerment is under attack.

Here’s the truth: Over 80% of app-based drivers want to stay independent while earning new benefits. They’re joining together, with supporters all across the state, to ensure their voice is heard. Will you join them? Add your name today to our official petition to lawmakers: protect our independence.

Dear House and Senate members:
We deliver your meals and your parents’ groceries. We take your grandparents to the doctor. We pick you up from the airport and drop you safely home after a night on the town. We are parents, students, immigrants, retirees, teachers, and veterans. We are there for your family, your neighbors, and your favorite small businesses during the pandemic.
Now we need you to be there for us.
Over 80% of app-based drivers want to remain independent while receiving new benefits. We want to drive on OUR terms – when, where, how, and with as many platforms as we want.
That’s why the overwhelming majority of us support a proposed ballot question and similar legislative solutions that would allow drivers to remain independent contractors – but also amend state law to enable us to enjoy new benefits and protections like health care stipends and paid sick time.
Flexibility is the main reason we choose to drive. It ensures we can be there for our families – and for yours.
That’s why we need you to stand with Massachusetts app-based drivers and support the ballot question and legislative solutions. We are there to answer the call for ride and delivery requests – Now we are asking you to deliver for us. 
Thank you very much.