Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce announces support for rideshare and delivery driver ballot question

Chamber representing businesses in the greater Holyoke area pledges support for driver flexibility, with increased access to benefits 

BOSTON, MA – May 26, 2022 – The Greater Holyoke Chamber has officially endorsed the Flexibilidad y beneficios para los conductores de Massachusetts ballot question. The chamber joins a growing list of supporters who stand with drivers in pursuit of maintaining their flexibility and accessing new benefits. 

Drivers who work with app-based companies like DoorDash, Instacart, Lyft, and Uber overwhelmingly wish to remain classified as independent contractors to preserve the flexibility that gig work affords them. In fact, 83% of Massachusetts app-based workers support solutions securing their flexibility and access to new benefits. Flexibility allows drivers the ability to balance other work, go to school, and care for loved ones. 

“The greater Holyoke community has a dynamic business sector that relies on rideshare and delivery opportunities for transportation, access to restaurants and groceries,” said Jordan Hart, Executive Director of the Greater Holyoke Chamber. “We sadly have a deficit of public transportation here in Western Mass and are in a transportation desert. This sector works to fill that gap. We support the upcoming ballot question and hope voters will take the time to understand how invaluable securing driver flexibility is for the gig economy and economic development statewide.” 

The ballot initiative aims to secure the flexibility drivers know and love, provide drivers with historic new company-paid benefits, ensure that drivers never earn less than $18 per hour of work, and better protect app-based rideshare and delivery drivers against discrimination.

The Greater Holyoke Chamber joins a broad coalition standing in support of drivers. Supporters of the rideshare and delivery ballot question include chambers of commerce, businesses, drivers, municipal leaders, and tech groups. 

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