Yulimar C.

I have a son with a disability who requires hands-on attention, making it difficult to manage the rigid schedule that traditional jobs require. I have even lost jobs while trying to balance taking care of my son and working to provide for us. This wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle for me and left me feeling unnerved, and like I had to choose between being able to financially support my family or caring for them. In 2018, I heard about DoorDash and have since been driving with them about 30 hours per week, which has given me the flexibility to take care of my family while earning an income. I am able to drive when I can, instead of when someone else tells me to. I don’t have to call a manager and overshare personal details to explain why I can’t come into work, I can just do whatever I need to do in order to care for my son and pay our bills. This freedom is huge for me and has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my life and my family.