Rachel B.

I am a retired engineer, and I’ve been a rideshare driver for about four years and provided over 11,000 rides for Massachusetts residents and visitors. Before I started driving, I spent a lifetime working traditional shift jobs, which is why I am committed to protecting the flexibility I now have as a driver.

I love meeting new people and having company in my car, and have met some diverse and interesting people while driving, but I also love having the option to alter and customize my schedule and start working whenever. That is incredibly important in my life.

On a personal level, Lyft was there for me and was instrumental in my transition. From the moment I approached them about changing my documentation they were supportive and encouraging.

As I made my transition, I was committed to supporting my family and continuing to contribute to my family’s home, even after I moved elsewhere. Driving for Lyft and Uber helped me earn extra money to do that.

I also remained committed to helping raise my granddaughter. When the pandemic hit, and school went remote, my granddaughter initially struggled. But because of the flexibility of driving, I was able to spend time with her and help her adjust to remote learning. Despite those early struggles, she is now an honor roll student.

Shift-based work would never have given me that kind of freedom. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to listen to drivers. We are the ones who do this work. We do it for our own reasons, and we are asking you to respect us and stand with us.